an elderly woman speaking to two youths.

About Us

Who We Are

Our Mission

"Building a better world for everyone."

Our Story

Having carried out several volunteering activities with the elderly when he was young, Firas felt that these activities were only able to bring short-term happiness. As a result, he wished to equip the elderly with the skills they need to continually and independently find fulfillment in their lives.

His work started in 2019 with Project Honey and Bread, a social initiative in Raffles Institution where he spearheaded and helped organise activities with the elderly. After leaving school, he felt that he still had more to give back to society, which led to the start of Voluntary Welfare Group "AGreaterSociety", which aims to reach out to a greater pool of volunteers and work with more partners to serve more elderly individuals.

Our Name and Logo

"AGreaterSociety" is a pun on Ag - the Periodic Table symbol for Silver - and how the color silver is often associated with the elderly.

Our logo represents our goal to empower both the youth and elderly to create a better and loving society for all.

Our Team