an elderly woman playing ludo with to two youths.

Our Work

What We Do and Why

The Problem

Currently, many elderly in Singapore lack fulfillment in their lives after leaving the workforce. As a result, they are at higher risk of experiencing loneliness and depressions.

Additionally, some elderly face challenges related to meeting their basic needs, including food. Whilst these may be addressed through volunteering activities, many such activities provide only short-term happiness.

Therefore, at AGreaterSociety, in addition to helping provide stop gap measures that help the elderly, we also aim to address the structural causes that result in depression amongst the elderly.

Why Help?

  1. Studies show that if we tackle cases of depression early, elderly are less prone to chronic diseases, reducing the burden on themselves and others.
  2. Many elderly played a part in building our nation and/or taking care of us, so it is only right that we give back to them by lending a hand.
  3. With their needs taken care of, many elderly can now also acquire the skills to return to the workplace and continue to actively contribute.

Our Strategy

1) Immediate Stopgap Solutions

  • Elderly befriending
  • Raising funds for meals

2) Long-Term Solutions

  • Equipping the elderly with solutions that can improve their standard of living
  • Providing phones to the elderly and teaching them how to use them

End Goal

  • Structural changes that addresses the root cause of isolation among elderly